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About the channel

TVP INFO is a dynamic rolling news TV channel, providing viewers with constant access to the information from Poland and around the world. It follows the current politics, social affairs, economy and cultural events, sport news and the weather forecast. TVP INFO provides viewers with comments and analyses of the key events. On the daily basis the Channel invites politicians, experts, athletes, artists and social affair specialists to let them exchange their views and opinions on current problems. With a team of reporters working throughout Poland, TVP INFO provides the viewers with the first-hand information and last minute live reports. Our foreign correspondents keep an eye on the international affairs and are always present in those places in the world where the news is taking place. TVP INFO reports on major historical events and important state ceremonies. The flexibility of TVP INFO allows to adjust the rundown of the programme according to unfolding stories and other breaking news. TVP INFO airs its content on TV and also provides online content on the website that is updated every minute.

Top programmes


A highly valued by the audience current affairs programme. Politicians, commentators and experts meet to discuss current social, political, national and international events.

The programme hosted interchangeably by Danuta Holecka, Michal Adamczyk and Krzysztof Ziemiec is focused on the most important topics of the day. The guests of the program comprise of politicians, culture experts, athletes and current events protagonists.

Every week representatives of all parliamentary clubs dispute over the shape of the country and current affairs. They discuss the most important political, social and economic events.

A prompt and dynamic service, broadcasted on the hour and on the half hour, which presents current events. The program, apart from the current information, includes numerous 3-5 minute long interviews with reporters who are in places where something is going on.