TVP - Polish Public Television sells to Japan and all over Europe

"The Crown of the Kings", "Paths to Freedom", "The Butler" - these are well-acclaimed Polish productions that have just been sold to Japan and numerous European countries.

Fot. TVP
“The Crown of the Kings” is a costume drama dedicated to the medieval history of Poland. The series portrays country’s glory during the reign of the last king of the Piast dynasty. The script is based on historical facts and enriched with some fictional elements. The license for the series has been sold to a Japanese TV broadcaster. Previously, it was acquired by MTVA – the Hungarian public broadcaster. The series consists of 161 episodes, 25 minutes each, and it’s being continued. 

European viewers may watch another brand new historical series produced by TVP – “Paths to Freedom”. The action centres on the lives of three young sisters who fight for female emancipation and set up a weekly magazine. Its first issue, after many perturbations, appears on November 11, 1918 – the day on which Poland regained independence. The license for this 13-episode series has been acquired by TV broadcasters from Greece and Slovenia. 

TVP’s international catalogue contains feature films as well. Czech and Slovakian audiences will have an opportunity to watch “The Butler”directed by Filip Bajon – a story of a tragic yet reciprocal love of a young German aristocrat to a Polish butler. A complicated history of people of three nations living in the northern region of Poland - Poles, Kashubian and German, forms the background of the main story. 

Classic TVP productions are also on a winning streak. Following the success of "Quo Vadis" and "With Fire and Sword" in Ukraine, TVP's contracting party decided to prolong the TV rights for another 5 years. Television viewers in Slovakia will be able to watch renowned "Katyń" by Andrzej Wajda, and a television in China will broadcast Jan Jakub Kolski's "Venice".