Go Rabbit, Go

Król i Królik

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 25’
  • Genre: DIALOGUE
  • Resolution: SD
  • Year: 2008

This tells a story of a magical life of a family. Dad, or Mr. King, dreams of being a Boy Scout and Mom is an unhappy enchantress. Princeling’s sister Mermaid admires watching the adventures of Arielle, Little Mermaid. Addicted to computer, Princeling identifies with his favourite cartoon characters. The generation gap, the sibling’s fighting and their school problems day by day are what this animated cartoon is about.


Cook and Eat!

Agata Gwiazdowska, an expert in cooking and feeding kids (the youngest), invites to cook together. Agata and her pupils prove that even having just three ingredients, you can cook a fantastic dish. The idea of the program...

Hi, Can I Eat You?

This is a humorous educational program for children, the purpose of which is to show the youngest children the basics of healthy eating and information about food products. The main character is Aldona – a friendly nutritionist...


The program introduces young viewers to the world of science in a fun and interesting way. Alek, a young scientist, during one of his expeditions, notices a strangely dressed man and, following him, reaches a pit and a tunnel...