1920. War and Love
1920. War and Love WAR DRAMA

It is the summer of 1918 in Central Europe. Vladek, Joseph and Bronek – three Poles serving their obligatory time in armies of the three aggressors of Poland: Prussia, Austria, and Russia, who are now fighting each other in the...

Appetite for Life
Appetite for Life DRAMA

The main characters of the series are a group of friends in their thirties. They all live in Warsaw, however, they met while working abroad during student holidays.

Appetite for Love
Appetite for Love COMEDY

It is a contemporary comedy of manners. The main plot revolves around two girls: Irmina and Joana, who, quite by chance, happen to be sharing a rented apartment together.


Glitter, scandals, roaring twenties music and amazing acting, all that and much more in a brand new series depicting life of Eugene Bodo - a man of many talents.

By the Backwater
By the Backwater DRAMA

Romantic love stories of three generations, planned around twists of the plot. The series shows various types of love, all equally important. It may be teenage or mature, it may be love between man and woman, mother and...

Chicken Soup Fortune
Chicken Soup Fortune COMEDY

The Nowik family, cooped up with the parents-in-law in a two-room apartment, win a fully furnished suite, in a luxurious high-rise downtown in Warsaw thanks to a producer of bouillon cubes.

Cinderella DRAMA

18-year-old Blanka lives in a small town Kalinowo. She has just graduated from high school and is getting ready for the upcoming university entrance exams.

Days of Honour
Days of Honour ACTION, WAR

Days of honour is a series about a group of young Polish officers trained abroad and transferred to occupied Poland in 1941. Their aim was to organise resistance attacks on Germans by means of spy actions and sabotage....

Expecting Love

Ian is a successful lawyer from Los Angeles. Joanna is a student of ethnography from Warsaw. They meet in Los Angeles where Joanna works during her holidays.

Extradition POLICE DRAMA

Intriguing police crime story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Family.pl COMEDY

It is a comedy series that comments on the problems of contemporary families using humorous scenes and punch-lines. Two of the most popular actors in Poland: Małgorzata Kożuchowska and Tomasz Karolak will show ...

Firefighters ACTION, DRAMA

Brave full of passion and devotion – Firefighters are ready for mission !!! New exciting TV series about one of the most respected professions in the world.

Friday Weather
Friday Weather DRAMA

The series presents lives of people in a big city. Each episode focuses on one Friday from the lives of the main characters, whose paths cross in a shopping centre

Giraffe and Rhino Hotel
Giraffe and Rhino Hotel COMEDY

A family sitcom about the life of a married couple with three children.

Girls From Ukraine
Girls From Ukraine COMEDY, DRAMA

Love, drama, humour and well depicted characters guarantee that this exciting series will win over hearts of viewers around the world.

God’s Lining
God’s Lining DRAMA

A story about the fate of an unhappy woman from a noble backwater in Vilnius, her family and events that took place from the beginning of the century to the WWII.

Instinct CRIME

Instinct is a 13-episode contemporary crime series with an intriguing female character. Anna Oster is a mysterious and attractive commissioner of the Department of Investigation at the metropolitan police. Thanks to her...

I’ll Be Fine
I’ll Be Fine COMEDY

It is the next season of the cult series about Iga and Marcin, who after many hardships are finally a couple. It brings many twists and turns. Iga convinces her office associates to a new initiative. From now on, once a week,...