Heartbeat DRAMA

A psychologist, Magdalena Borska, returns to Poland after a few years of absence in the country and undertakes work in a hospital. On the very first day, the doctor must face not only the problems of patients but also the...

Instinct CRIME

Instinct is a 13-episode contemporary crime series with an intriguing female character. Anna Oster is a mysterious and attractive commissioner of the Department of Investigation at the metropolitan police. Thanks to her...

I’ll Be Fine

A top-notch comedy series, full of humour and laughter, in which two different worlds collide. The first one is the world of ordinary people who live from hand to mouth, while the second is the world of rich lawyers. The series...

L for Love
L for Love DRAMA

The Mostowiak family is large: there are grandparents – Lucjan and Barbara and four adult children – Maria, Marta, Marek and Malgorzata, who have their own families and kids.

Life Is Your Oyster
Life Is Your Oyster DRAMA

A top notch soap opera depicting the lives of a group of friends living in Milan. Each of them fights for their own happiness, better life and love. Despite the fact that their lifestyles differ they paths cross unexpectedly in...

Major Power
Major Power COMEDY

In a decaying monastery, deep in the countryside, four monks live a quiet and sleepy lives together with a vagabond called Frank and a nun, who keeps an eye on them.


A group of young people train to become professional lifeguards. During the course they not only learn and improve their skills but also help people who are in danger. The series shows private and professional lives of future...

Mountain Rescue Team
Mountain Rescue Team ACTION/DRAMA

This TV series presents professional ordeals and personal stories of mountain rescuers and brotherhood of men in their joint effort to save someone’s life. Their conflicts, trials and tribulations are set aside when faced with...

Murder Unit
Murder Unit CRIME

It is a story of a group of police officers from Murder Unit in Poland, who deal with unsolved cases. The group tries to solve some inexplicable mysteries from the past, which pertain to the Forgotten Soldiers, the history of...

Officer/Officers/Third Officer
Officer/Officers/Third Officer ACTION, CRIME

Even though Tomasz Kruszewski, nicknamed Kruszon, grew up among people who do not respect law, he became a policeman. His first action attracted the attention of the officers at the Central Investigation Bureau. Soon, he had to...

Opportunity COMEDY

A comedy series that shows contemporary Poles with all their features both good and bad.

Our Century
Our Century DRAMA/WAR

It is a story about the fate of the multigenerational Winny family, woven into the dramatic events of the 20th century. The action begins with the outbreak of WWI and ends after one hundred years, in modern times. The series...

Paradise on Earth
Paradise on Earth ROMANCE

Everyone has their own place on Earth that we often go back to, at least in our thoughts.

Paradok§ CRIME

The plot of the series revolves around the character of Marek Kaszowski, who works as an inspector of Police Headquarters and an assistant commissioner Joanna Majewska, an officer of Internal Affairs Bureau. Besides dealing...

Paths to Freedom
Paths to Freedom DRAMA

The action of “Paths to Freedom” centres on the lives of three young sisters who fight for female emancipation. The plot is largely inspired by the memoirs of Polish women from the early twentieth century. The heroines set up a...


It is a widely acclaimed psychological drama series that gives the viewers an inside look into the work and life of five policemen who are officers of the Homicide Division of the Warsaw Central Police Station. The reality of...

Prosecutor CRIME

The series is full of extraordinary cases, original characters and has a gripping plot. Each of the ten episodes of the series tells the story of a different crime. The main characters are Kazimierz Proch, his partner...

Rookie CRIME

This fast-paced criminal series presents a unique blend of criminal and psychological plots. The main character is young policewoman Ada who starts her dream job at the Polish Police Headquarters. She joins the team led...