Fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 12 x 44'
  • Genre: crime
  • Year: 2024

An acclaimed police profiler, Julia Wigier, has solved many complex criminal cases, primarily regarding serial killers. The woman has sacrificed her life to work and in consequence neglected her closest ones. In addition, as a child, she witnessed the murder of her mother. This horrible trauma has never left her since then and still comes back in dreams. While being on holiday with her father, a gruesome crime takes place in the forest nearby, the murder of a family of four. The investigation is led by Commissioner Karol Nadzieja, who happened to work with the profiler in the past. The commissioner decides to invite Julia for cooperation. He is lucky as it turns out the profiler, despite the holiday, agrees to help. When the murder of the family is finally solved, the police find the body of a young woman in the forest. No one even suspects that a sophisticated and cunning serial killer has just begun his "hunt" in a previously quiet area. Will the profiler thanks to her skills solve the mystery of the serial killer?


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