A live show for professional farmers and enthusiasts of farming. It promotes knowledge on agriculture, economy, entrepreneurship and shows interconnections between these fields. It is a valuable and reliable source of...

By the Backwater
By the Backwater DRAMA

The series includes romantic love stories of three generations, revolving around twists of the plot. The series shows various types of love that are all equally important. It may be teenage or mature, between man and woman, the...

Camper reality show

A new and original reality show in which five pairs of well-known influencers go on a camper tour through the wilderness in different parts of Poland. For 10 episodes, viewers will follow Internet celebrities coping with...

Chicken Soup Fortune
Chicken Soup Fortune COMEDY

The Nowik family is cooped up with the parents-in-law in a two-room apartment. One day, thanks to a producer of bouillon cubes, they win a fully furnished suite in a luxurious high-rise downtown in Warsaw. Their pipe dreams of...

Children and Grown Ups
Children and Grown Ups TALK SHOW

What happens when you invite to a studio group of bright, inquisitive kids, a celebrity and a cordial, intelligent host and invite them to discuss a fascinating subject?

Connoisseurs of History
Connoisseurs of History GAME SHOW

The game show is dedicated to history lovers. Each episode revolves around one topic and has one winner – the one who knows the answers to the questions prepared by the experts, journalists and competitors. What matters in...


It is a theatre play for children aged 3 to 6. In a friendly and entertaining way, it introduces them to the world and teaches the right attitude towards their environment. The aim of the programme is to create social bonds and...

Fact Simulator
Fact Simulator SCIENCE

A scientific program for general public, from teenagers to adults. It tackles scientific subjects but also technology and cutting-edge inventions, visions of future civilizations and others.

Fussy Eaters and Troublemakers
Fussy Eaters and Troublemakers HEALTH, FOR PARENTS

Your kid doesn’t like to eat? Are you not sure if your kid’s meals are well-balanced enough?

Girls From Ukraine
Girls From Ukraine COMEDY, DRAMA

Love, drama, humour and well-depicted characters guarantee that this exciting series will win over hearts of viewers around the world. It follows life stories of four friends from Ukraine who come to Warsaw in an attempt to...

I'll Be Fine
I'll Be Fine COMEDY

A top-notch comedy series, full of humour and laughter, in which two different worlds collide. The first one is the world of ordinary people who live from hand to mouth, while the second is the world of rich lawyers. The series...

Kitchensville CHILDREN

This amusing and educating program targets pre-schoolers and their parents. Its goal is to show kids secrets of cooking and manners at the table by engaging them in play. Moreover, teaching children how to prepare dishes is...

L For Love
L For Love DRAMA

The Mostowiak family is large: there are the grandparents called Lucjan and Barbara and four adult children: Maria, Marta, Marek and Malgorzata who have their own families and kids. All the members of the family are united by...

Margo, Teddy, and Friends
Margo, Teddy, and Friends CHILDREN

The program is aimed at teaching and developing skills among children. It shows them the right behaviours and helps to identify and understand their emotions. It stimulates their creativity and boosts imagination. Each...

Me and My Tummy
Me and My Tummy REALITY SHOW

Eight people suffering from morbid obesity have decided to undergo surgery to remove four-fifths of their stomachs. It is their only chance for a normal and happy life. Before the surgery, they all struggle with loneliness,...


It is a widely acclaimed psychological drama series that gives the viewers an inside look into the work and life of five policemen who are officers of the Homicide Division of the Warsaw Central Police Station. The reality of...


It is a return to the iconic Sonda series from the 1970s. The legendary programme prepared by Zdzisław Kamiński and Andrzej Kurek has become a point of reference in the journey to the world of contemporary science and...

Sanatorium of Love
Sanatorium of Love REALITY SHOW

Six elderly ladies and six senior gentlemen, who differ in character, personality, passion, and life, experience set off to a picturesque health resort in the mountains, where for three weeks they are given the opportunity to...