About us

Trade&International Relations Department has a strong position on domestic and foreign film and TV markets. Our main activities comprise international programme sales and acquisitions, distribution of programmes, co-production initiatives, publishing, channel rebroadcast and promoting productions at International Film Festivals. The department consists of a group of highly experienced specialists who will go the extra mile to provide the best service and support to clients from all over the globe.

Director of Trade&International Relations Department: Monika Karasek

International Sales 
International Sales operates in the scope of programme, format and footage license sales. In our catalogue we hold a great number of award winning feature movies, world famous TV series, internationally acclaimed documentaries as well as smart and entertaining animations.
Aleksandra Kaźmieruk
e-mail: aleksandra.kazmieruk@tvp.pl
tel.: (48-22) 547 6621

Domestic and International Programme Acquisitions
Acquisitions is responsible for purchasing films, TV series and formats for TVP channels.
Ewa Dąbrowska
e-mail: ewa.dabrowska@tvp.pl
tel.: (48-22) 547 7230

Domestic Sales
Domestic Sales is responsible for selling license in all fields of exploitation from TV rights, DVDs, text services, multimedia, internet, phone and telecommunication services, VOD, or public viewing and screening. Our productions are ever successful due to a vast library of content where everyone can find something suitable for them.
Magdalena Rutkowska
e-mail: magdalena.rutkowska@tvp.pl
tel.: (48-22) 547 5742

Special Projects
Special Projects team is in charge of publishing and distributing audiovisual media (DVD, Blu-ray, VCD) as well as merchandising products. Publishing/distribution activities:
- retail to traditional distribution channels
- exclusivity for clients
- inserts
To see our full offer go to: http://sklep.tvp.pl
Renata Banasińska
e-mail: renata.banasinska@tvp.pl
tel.: (48-22) 547 7079

Domestic Channel Rebroadcast
Channel Rebroadcast combines the mission of public service media with an efficient channels distribution on domestic markets. We handle: satellite operators, cable operators, technology companies and institutions, entities in the hotel industry, mobile network operators.
Łukasz Naczas
e-mail: lukasz.naczas@tvp.pl
tel.: (48) 785 985 369

Conducts commercial activities domestically and abroad, the essence of which is the use of trademarks, logos, characters and symbols associated by consumers in the market with a single product the most television series, radio program or film to the effective sale of another product, addressed to a wide group of consumers offered in retail sales. The role of the Merchandising is the commercialization of characters and symbols appearing in films for children and young people, but also characters, props and symbols associated with television productions such as soap operas, sitcoms, game shows .
Sebastian Moskot
e-mail: sebastian.moskot@tvp.pl
tel.: (48-22) 547 5723