Margo, Teddy, and Friends

Przyjaciele Misia i Margolci

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 75 X 20’
  • Genre: CHILDREN
  • Year: 2020

The program is aimed at teaching and developing skills among children. It shows them the right behaviours and helps to identify and understand their emotions. It stimulates their creativity and boosts imagination. Each character in this program is created to help children develop in different ways. The Beetle, Jou-Jou, teaches children the alphabet. The Squirrel, Victor, introduces the world of numbers and takes care of gross motor skills of children. The Spider, Talentula, takes care of fine motor skills of children by making different handicrafts. She speaks in rhyme, at the same time expanding the linguistic capabilities of children. The Fly, Buzzer helps children explore the world. He carries a tiny encyclopaedia, using it to explain different phenomena to young viewers. Grandpa Eugene teaches children tinkering and gardening. Margo helps them find answers to unusual questions. And finally, the Bear, Teddy, tells children made up stories, while enjoying another batch of cookies. Children partake in making up the stories, which immensely stimulates their imagination.


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