TV Nursery

Educational and entertaining show for kids. It inspires children to engage in creative activities and to learn.

The Best of the Best
The Best of the Best GAME SHOW

This production has been acknowledged as the most prestigious, modern and dynamic quiz show in Poland. It is not a surprise as the participants of the show are winners of many Polish quiz shows and games.

The Blonde

Leaving the big city behind, a young vet Sylwia rebels against the world where rules of the game are defined by cynical careerists. She feels uncomfortable with subtle schemes whose winners climb the social ladder. She heads...

The Clan
The Clan DRAMA

This family series tells the story of a seemingly peaceful life of the grand Lubicz family, comprising several generations. The action revolved around five children, twins Paweł and Elżbieta, Monika, Ryszard and Dorota and also...

The Cop

A tough, stubborn, and devoid of illusions cop in a story of love, hatred, death, and human emotions, so strong that they push people to crime. The series shows the price of being a cop: stress and constant exposure to...

The Deep End
The Deep End DRAMA

It is a strong, real and sometimes even brutal drama series that shows the darkest side of human existence. The series features work of social workers in one of the social welfare centres in a big city. Each episode focuses on...

The Determinator
The Determinator CRIME, CRIME

It is a contemporary TV series of the detective drama genre. It exposes how informal connections function in business-political-social circles that are always on the brink of law. Piotr Skotnicki, who is a young skilled...

The Forest House
The Forest House DRAMA

It is a family story full of love and secrets with beautiful nature in the background. The plot of the series focuses on Katarzyna and her partner Krzysztof, who move to a forest house owned by Katarzyna’s grandfather. The...

The Great Quiz
The Great Quiz QUIZ SHOW

It is a cutting-edge multimedia live game show that turned into a social phenomenon that unites even political opponents. It started as an occasional history quiz to celebrate crucial events and anniversaries. The participants...

The Londoners
The Londoners DRAMA

It is a story of the youngest wave of Polish emigrants who decided to change their lives and ventured to go abroad to start anew. London is for them not only a place to work, but also a city where they struggle with multiple...

The Magnificent Eight
The Magnificent Eight REALITY SHOW

A new TV show, in which 8 men take on a difficult task of changing their lives. They are supported in this endeavour by a host, an expert in mending people's hearts. Throughout 10 episodes the viewers may follow the...

The Presbytery
The Presbytery DRAMA

A story of a small town seen from the perspective of a priest. The series had been aired for 7 years to a considerable, constant viewer acclaim. The series aims at exposing difficult social issues, such as poverty, crime,...

The Ranch
The Ranch COMEDY

The series follows the story of Lucy Wilska, a Polish-American who has inherited her grandmother’s country house in the fictional small village of Wilkowyje. On arrival she decides to stay overnight but she feels the place...

Travel with Laughter
Travel with Laughter TALK SHOW

The programme is addressed to people interested in travelling, foreign cultures and traditions. It mixes entertainment and education. The idea behind the show is to present the most characteristic features of a given country,...

Wordplay QUIZ SHOW

"Wordplay" game show offers the viewers great fun filled with classic puzzles in a modern format! Intriguing puzzles, crazy letters, attractive prizes and a sharp host! The creators of the game show invite to the show...