Criminal Bureau

Biuro kryminalne

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 43 x 35’
  • Genre: CRIME
  • Resolution: SD
  • Year: 2005-2007

Real actors but also real policemen, prosecutors, investigators, forensic doctors, lawyers and even real victims of crimes – they all are shown in this fast-paced docu-crime series. 

A dead body of a young man has been found in a park. An owner of a debt collection agency has been robbed and severely beaten. A fifteen-year-old teenager hung himself. These are just the beginnings of some of the cases the Criminal Bureau needs to deal with. Two experienced detectives investigate the tough cases and soon they find that behind the riddles they try to solve there are even more crimes such as cruel murders, merciless swindles, rapes. At the beginning everything seems obvious: there are a criminal, a motive and a victim, but soon come unexpected twists of plot and the end of the story is often very surprising. 

Each episode is a separate story. Real flats, police offices and procedures are shown in the series to make the viewers aware of what the life and work of policemen really look like.


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