(fot. TVP)
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 114’, 3 x 45’
  • Genre: DRAMA
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2010

The film tells the story of a journey never taken in which the power of dreams helped to transform the flooded cellar of a rural family house into the most romantic city on Earth. The main character of the movie is a young boy Marek who loves Venice, which is the city visited by his parents and grandparents but never visited by himself. The trip is to take place in summer 1939. Unfortunately, the conflict with Germany escalates and instead of going to Venice, the boy is sent to his aunt, who builds a Venice in the cellar so that Marek can make his dream come true. Venice is a film based on two stories by an outstanding Polish writer Włodzimierz Odojewski, who was considered a candidate for the Nobel Literary Prize.

  • Awards:
  • 2010 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – Best Cinematography Award; Best Production Design Award; Actor Debut Award for Marcin Walewski
  • 2010 World Film Festival – Montreal – Best Artistic Contribution; Grand Prix des Ameriques
  • 2010 Camerimage – Golden Frog Award for Best Movie Operator
  • 2011 Lume International Film Festival – Jury Award
  • 2011 Polish Film Awards – Best Production Design Award; Best Cinematography Award; Best Sound Award; Best Costume Design Award
  • 2011 Cleveland International Film Festival – Jury Special Mention
  • 2011 Moscow Golden Knight International Film Festival – Golden Knight Award
  • 2011 Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles – Piotr Łazarkiewicz Award for Young Talent (Marcin Walewski)
  • 2011 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival – Hefei – Golden Rooster for Best Director
  • 2011 Manaki Brothers Award for International Movie Operators



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