The Collector


(fot. TVP)
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 93’
  • Genre: DRAMA
  • Resolution: SD
  • Year: 2005

Lucjan Bohme is a debt collector in a small town in Lower Silesia. He is young, go-getting, well set in the world of lawyers, uncompromising and extremely effective. This is why Lucjan can enjoy the support of the local notables. As he reaches for new positions and honours, he arouses fear among his victims, who are the debtors. One day due to some dramatic events his life changes. He wants to repair the damage done but will he succeed?

  • Awards:
  • 2005 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – Golden Lions for Best Picture Award; Best Script Award; Best Leading Role Award
  • 2006 Moscow Golden Knight International Film Festival – Best Actor Award for Andrzej Chyra
  • 2006 Polish Film Awards – Best Film Award; Best Screenplay Award; Best Production Design Award; Best Actress Award; Best Actor Award; Best Audience Award
  • 2006 Berlin International Film Festival – Ecumenical Jury Award
  • 2007 Teheran International Film Festival – Award for the Script
  • 2007 WorldFest Independent Film Festival – Houston – Golden Award



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