A Day of the Clock Cuckoo's Life

Jeden dzień z życia kukułki zegarowej

A Day of the Clock Cuckoo's Life
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 8'
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 1996

Funny and thought-provoking story of the clock cuckoo’s life. At the beginning, viewers observe the daily routine of the cuckoo. The cuckoo, very tired and disappointed with its boring, repetitive life decides to change the dull reality. The routine is suddenly broken – the bird is supposed to mark another passed hour, but instead it flies away in search of freedom and happiness. The story have been enthusiastically received on domestic and foreign markets.

  • Awards:
  • 1997 Bratislava MFF Grand Prix
  • 1997 International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! Award for animated movie


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