Immensity of Justice

Bezmiar sprawiedliwości

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 123', 4 x 45'
  • Genre: DRAMA
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2006

A young law school graduate talks to a famous defense lawyer who tells her a story of a trial which took place a long time ago. A TV journalist, who was then eight months pregnant, was murdered. The person accused of the murder was her married co-worker with whom she had been having an affair for a year. Despite pleading not guilty and the lack of any evidence against him, he was convicted to 25 years in prison. The film is an analysis of court trials and the process of passing sentences in criminal cases based on only circumstantial evidence when the judge and defence lawyer's conduct is solely determined by external circumstances, not directly related to the case. First of all, this film attempts to describe human nature, the state of mind of people who judge others and determine their fate.

  • Awards:
  • 2006 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – Journalists Award
  • 2007 Polish Film Festival in America – Golden Tooth Award
  • 2007 Polish Film Festival in Perpignan – Special Mention
  • 2008 Batumi International Art House Film Festival – Best Actor Award
  • 2008 WorldFest Independent Film Festival – Houston – Special Jury Grand Prix Award
  • 2008 Moscow Polish Film Festival – White Elephant Critics Award


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