The Presbytery


fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 1829 x 24'
  • Genre: DRAMA
  • Year: 2000-2012

A story of a small town seen from the perspective of a priest. The series had been aired for 7 years to a considerable, constant viewer acclaim. The series aims at exposing difficult social issues, such as poverty, crime, twists and turns of family life and conflicting viewpoints. The series is so powerful thanks to the range of authentic characters and credible plots.

It shows the world where a priest is one of the most prominent figures in a local community and a presbytery is a place to chat, express problems and joys, look for help and consolation. The series can be treated as an universal picture of a small town but it has got also religious aspects and has been awarded at Christian festivals for showing parish, its problems and ways of dealing with them.

The idea behind the series was appreciated by the viewers and, as a response to the huge demand, there were more that 1800 episodes produced.



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