A Fantastic Review of the new TVP series “The Artists” in Polish Press

Great, self-ironic scenario, gutsy characters, great pace and, most importantly, a great satire on the theatre world. The pilot episode of "The Artists" shows that Poles can make a world-class series.

A theatrical duo of eminent Polish playwrights, Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski stand behind the production of the series. It was extremely important for the authors to present the backstage of the theatre with great credibility and realism, since the spectators are usually not allowed to see it from a different perspective. "The Artists" is a piece of brilliant satire on the artistic milieu. Sometimes one may get a feeling that the spirit of Stanislaw Bareja, who could bring out the absurdities of everyday life of Poles and could laugh at home truths, is back. The secret of a good script is not only a well-drawn main plot, but also sparking secondary threads and episodic characters. The role of Ewa Dałkowska, starring as a caretaker who talks to the spirits of the actors living in the theatre or a cynical porter (Edward Lubaszenko) can become cult figures. Likewise the whole work, if the quality of the pilot episode is continued throughout the entire series. 

Based on: http://wpolityce.pl/kultura/305607-artysci-to-moze-byc-najlepszy-serial-tvp-od-lat-recenzja