TVP2 series “Prosecutor” by Jacek Filipiak nominated for Prix Europa 2016 in Berlin

This year more than 600 programs from more than two hundred and sixty-European organizations, from 35 countries have been submitted to the competition. Prix Europa is one of the most prestigious awards for the best European...

"Prosecutor" is a series broadcated on TVP2 in autumn 2015. Each of the ten episodes of the series tells the story of a different crime. The main characters are Kazimierz Proch and his partner Witold Kielak. The prosecutor is a bit old-fashioned man who is trying to solve the mystery of his family from the past before he retires. Witold on the other hand is his complete opposite. The young police officer working alongside Proch is a dynamic extrovert, a father of two children. Every episode focuses on a new criminal puzzle and is also a continuation of prosecutor’s mysterious story from his past.