Zdzisław Cozac received a prestigious title for his series “Secrets of Polish Origins”

The science Populariser 2016 organized by PAP awards the people and institutions that help others better understand the world, and are able to interest persons not involved in science in scientific developments. The results of...

In the Media category, the jury awarded Zdzisław Cozac, the author of the series of popular science films - "Secrets of Polish Origins". His set of five films talk about the earliest history of Poland and the search for truth regarding the events that created Poland’s modern national identity. Zdzisław Cozac, the film director, tries to recreate not only the most important historical events, but also the environment and living conditions of the times of the first rulers of Poland Mieszko I and Boleslaw the Brave. The films are based on the research carried out by numerous archaeologists, historians, dendrochronologists and scientists of various specializations. Staging of battles, court meetings, meticulous reconstructions of castles and churches allow viewers to move to remote times. Artistic form harmonizes with the factual reliability.