"The Blonde” –a great success of the 5th season!

The production has been broadcasted since 11th December 2016 on Sundays in primetime. After the first three episodes, the average viewership of the fifth season is 3.16 million viewers. This translates into 18.28% of market...

It is already the 5th season of the adventures of a beautiful blonde Sylwia, who is a vet in a small village. As she is an important and a prominent person there, everyone shows respect to her. Once again she has to play multiple roles in the village and be a friend, a lover, a peacemaker, a confessor, a repository of secrets, a guardian of the law, morals and common sense. Sylwia’s motto, which is “how one may not desire to be loved”, remains unchanged. Who will fall in love in Sylwia this time?