“L for Love” aired in TVP2 is the most popular TV series in Poland.

“L for Love” has been aired for more than 16 years. The first episode was broadcasted on 4th November 2000. According to the latest measurements, the average audience and the monthly shares of "L for Love" makes the series...

In December 2016 the series had the best monthly total viewer average (more than 6 million, which gave 38,2 % of shares). The beginning of 2017 was also very successful for the TVP production. The episode aired on 2nd January 2017 was watched by 6,7 million viewers, which resulted in 39,9 % of shares. The series is available in our catalogue as the series and format. To find out more, please visit http://sales.tvp.pl/18809766/l-for-love