"Extradition" by Wojciech Wójcik now available in 4K!

The sound and picture restoration of the first season of Extradition has just been completed. The season containing 6 episodes, each 54 minutes, is now available in 4K resolution. Within the Digitalization Program at TVP, the two reaming seasons of this police drama are now being restored and they should be available in HD by the end of this year.


The main character of the series is Olgierd Halski, chief police officer, who tracks down criminals, drug dealers, the Russian mafia and he attempts to fight the corruption among Polish officials. In addition, the criminals he chases enter his private life and threaten chief’s family. The series presents the problems of state security in the newly established Third Polish Republic. The series also focuses on organized criminal groups, the criminal underworld, it reveals the backstage of functioning of the law enforcement authorities, the police, the Office of State Protection.