The 2nd season of “The Crown of the Kings” to be aired this Autumn!

The second season of the " The Crown of Kings" promises to be even more intriguing. Due to the time shift between the seasons, a new actor - Andrzej Hausner - is going to take over the role of Casimir the Great. The action of...

The stories from the Wawel Royal Castle will intertwine with the story of Bolko II the Small (Duke of Świdnica) in order to describe the history of Poland as widely as possible. The creators of the series will present some events that are not known to the wide audience, as well as some facts that each viewer should remember from history lessons. The new season will cover numerous historical events including signing the peace treaty between Teutonic Knights and Casimir the Great in Kalisz, the history behind conquering Wschowa region, the conflict between Bolko II the Small and John of Bohemia as well as the desperate struggle to win the Polish-Czech war. The next season will also answer the question whether Casimir the Great was disappointed with the lack of a son. In addition, the extraordinary fate of Elizabeth of Poland, Queen of Hungary - the sister of Casimir the Great, who, in a futile struggle for her son's life, sets off for an expedition to Rome and Naples, will surely attracts a huge audience .