Polish films and series win Eastern audiences

Viewers from Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine will enjoy another brand new series and documentaries produced by TVP Polish Public Television.

Photo TVP
High ratings and fantastic reviews from the viewers – these are the main reasons why broadcasters from the Baltics and the other neighboring countries have been very enthusiastic about TVP productions. Three TV stations acquired from TVP new titles for the Autumn 2018 schedule. 

Lithuanian LRT has acquired two series. One of them is Prosecutor, a well acclaimed procedural crime series that shows surprising criminal puzzles, written by famous Polish novelist Zygmunt Miłoszewski. The second series is Girls from Ukraine, a story of three girls who came from Ukraine to Warsaw in search of better jobs and better lives. LRT has acquired the second season of the series. This broadcaster will also show documentaries related to the history of Poland – documentary series under the self-explanatory title “The Mysteries of the Beginnings of Poland” and a documentary “Piłsudski Bronisław: an Exile, an Ethnographer, a Hero” about brother of the Marshal Józef Piłsudski who was sent to Siberia and became a researcher there. 

Ukrainian channel 1+1 after successful broadcast of the first season of Girls from Ukraine has also acquired second season for the upcoming schedule. 

Estonian public broadcaster ERR, in turn, will show a documentary The Land of the Homeless dedicated to the memory of the Father Bogusław Paleczny who spent his whole life helping the homeless.