"A Coach's Daughter" awarded at the Cottbus Film Festival!

The film, directed by Łukasz Grzegorzek and co-produced by TVP, received Best Youth Film Award for the Best Film of the U18 section during the 10th International Cottbus Film Festival, which finished last week in Cottbus,...

Phot. Weronika Bilska
"A Coach's Daughter" tells the story of Maciej Kornet and his beloved seventeen-year-old daughter Wiktoria, who set off on a journey across Poland during a long, hot summer. They are up for a long series of tennis tournaments. The two are inseparable. They have been training together for twelve years. Wiktoria meticulously follows her dad's routine. She has a strict diet and exhausting workout. With time, she is getting tired of this and starts to long for some freedom. She thinks of quitting sports but is afraid to hurt her father's feelings. This summer, Maciej's new trainee Igor, also seventeen, joins them on their way. It occurs that Wiktoria finds the secretive boy much more interesting than tennis and Maciej is forced to watch his own dreams and daughter's plans go separate ways.