TVP co-productions awarded in Amsterdam!

A documentary film directed by Paweł Ziemilski “In Touch” was awarded at International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA). During the awards ceremony, held on 21st November, the film received the IDFA Special Jury...

Fot.TVP/In Touch
The 31rd edition of IDFA takes place between 14-25 November in the Netherlands. It is the most important festival of documentary films in Europe. Every year, it enjoys unchanged popularity and is attended by numerous representatives of various international festivals from around the world.

"In Touch" is a story of people from a little Polish village called Stare Juchy (which means Old Blood in Polish). The village is located in Masuria, area often referred as land of thousand lakes. Around 400 people from this village have emigrated to Iceland since the 80’s and nobody has returned. The film exposes the changes that occurred in the area, the connection between these who are left behind and these who migrated, as well as the ways of the Polish-Icelandic integration. Focusing on the evolution of the individuals, families and the whole society it shows what does the values like freedom, openness towards the world and the possibilities of the rapid mobility and modern technologies change in the understanding of oneself and the ones around us, as well as the understanding of controlling one's ways of life.