Season III of “The Crown of the Kings” to be aired in September on TVP!

The third season of "The Crown of the Kings" will combine not only drama with history, but also love with the mists of time. The next generation of heroes will create a colorful picture of the royal court in Krakow.

The new season is full of love affairs, secret missions and spy threads. The action begins at the turn of 1376 - 1377. It reveals answers to such questions as, who, after the death of Casimir the Great, fought for the throne? Why did the slaughter of Hungarians in Kraków occur? Who did not want the member of the Capetian House of Anjou to rule in Poland and how did Jadwiga's coronation from Hungary happen?

"The Crown of Kings" is the first Polish historical telenovela. TVP has managed to create a real fashion for history. The series has enjoyed great interest among viewers from the very first episode. In total, the average viewership of two first seasons was over 1.6 million viewers, with an average market share of 13.3%. The most-watched episode attracted nearly 3.8 million viewers in front of TV sets.