”Our Century”–season II to be aired in March on TVP main channel!

The premiere of the second season of ”Our Century” has been scheduled for March 8. The action of the first one began with the outbreak of WWI and ended on the eve of the outbreak of WWII. The second season is entitled "Our Century. Those who fought" and it is set in years 1939-1952. 

This time, the Winny family, who lives in a small town near Warsaw, experiences the cruelty of the next war, facing death and misery. Some town dwellers fight with weapons in hand, others struggle with everyday life, fighting to preserve life and dignity. During this time, children are born in the family. When the war comes to an end, it turns out that the longed-for freedom has little to do with what the family dreamed of. Surveillance, repression, prison is the daily bread of the post-war days. Unhealed wounds and hidden secrets become an obstacle on the path to a normal life. 

For more info on the series, please visit: https://sales.tvp.pl/41016684/our-century