TVP is a leader in digital reconstruction!

photo TVP
Telewizja Polska by implementing projects that are unique on a European scale, takes a leading position in digital reconstruction. Almost 3,000 digitally restored films and tv productions, over 60,000 minutes of footage and 1,000 kilometers of digitized film stock are just some of TVP achievements in the field of digital reconstruction. Among the productions which are now available in the digitalized form, there are not only classic TV series, feature films, and documentaries but also the TV Theatre performances, and programs for children. 

Digital reconstruction is a challenging task as TVP is the keeper of unique national heritage, consisting of over 1.5 million programs on magnetic and light-sensitive tapes; specially the latter ones offer the greatest reconstruction possibilities. Telewizja Polska has one of the most modern digitization and restoration studios, located in TVP headquarters at 17 Woronicza street in Warsaw. A new quality has been given here to such unforgettable productions as “The Doll", "Nights and Days", "Chopin. Desire for Love", " Sir Thaddeus, or the Last Lithuanian Foray", " Being Forty", "Extradition", "On the Banks of Niemen", "The Passions of Poland", "God's Lining", "The Parade", and many others.

Digital reconstruction is a complex technological process that requires top-quality equipment, including precise scanners, modern tape recorders and specialized software. It is important to point out that besides modern technology, the human factor plays a crucial role in the process. An interdisciplinary team, consisting of tens of experts in the field of video and sound reconstruction as well as the editing and colour correction, has been appointed to work on the reconstruction project with the utmost patience and precision. The whole digitization process is supervised by outstanding cinematographers, often the ones who worked on the original productions. The cooperation with film makers is aimed at giving the films under reconstruction a new artistic quality and also preserving the so-called “film effect” which the viewers admire in great productions filmed years ago on photosensitive tapes. As a result, the quality of reconstructed films made 40 years ago is often better than of those shot nowadays. 

Thanks to digital restoration, Telewizja Polska has not only gained the market-leading position in reconstruction but it also continues to build a rich digital library that will preserve the heritage of the Polish school of television and film for years to come.