Alpha Male

Samiec Alfa

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 90'
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2021

Piotrek arrives at a building where different courses take place. Basia, his fiancée, enrolled him in the smoking cessation training. Due to an accidental turn of events, he ends up on a mysterious self-development training. At first, he is sceptical. But with time, extreme yet intriguing methods of the leader, who wants to bring out true masculine nature from his students, by turning them against their partners, make Piotrek question the stability of his own relationship. He becomes friends with most of the group members and builds a special bond with the leader himself. The training goes on and the participants are convinced that one of them is definitely going for a breakthrough, which is a mythical transformation that is supposed to turn their life around. To everybody's surprise, it is Piotrek, who breaks off the engagement over the phone. The situation gets out of control when the leader becomes paranoid that there is a rat among his students sent by MENSTOP feminist group. He gets more and more suspicious of some of the participants. Surprisingly, he trusts Piotrek the most, due to his breakthrough. However, everything changes when the leader finds out that Piotrek ended up on his training only because another person, who was supposed to participate in it, got stuck on the elevator. He becomes convinced that Piotrek wants to destroy him. To protect his good name and to set up the feminists, the leader fakes his assault and fall from a high floor in the building by making it seem as if Piotrek attacked him. With no proof for his innocence, Piotrek ends up in a psychiatric hospital.


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