The Love Buzz

Miłość jak miód

Fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 100'
  • Genre: romantic comedy
  • Year: 2024

Majka (Agnieszka Suchora) and Agata (Edyta Olszówka) have as much in common as they do apart. They are both in their fifties, both going through menopause and neither believe that anything will change for the better in their lives. One lives by the Baltic Sea, the other in the Tatra Mountains. One runs a sweet shop, the other is a successful interior designer. One is a widow, and the other's partner has just left her for someone younger. One devotes herself to children and grandchildren, completely forgetting about herself, the other has no family and only cares about her spiritual development. One day, the two meet by chance at the funeral of a mutual school friend. Agata inspires Majka to try something new: swap lives. Majka will head to the mountains, whilst Agata will go to the seaside. The unexpected switch of roles brings a series of complications, hilarious twists and challenges that the women will have to face. Will they be able to overcome their old habits, prejudices and fears? Will they have the courage to open up to love and start a new chapter in their lives? Is it never too late for anything? The Love Buzz is a comedy of manners about mature friendship and love that comes unexpectedly.


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