The Great Quiz

Wielki test

fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Genre: QUIZ SHOW
  • Year: 2008

It is a cutting-edge multimedia live game show that turned into a social phenomenon that unites even political opponents. It started as an occasional history quiz to celebrate crucial events and anniversaries. The participants of the tests are politicians who unite on this occasion, artists, journalists and other famous people as well as anyone who wants to take part. There is also the third party which is viewers who participate using text messages, online forms or mobile apps. Both viewers and competitors in the studio can win valuable prizes. The competition takes place at the national level, so that not only individuals but also whole cities and regions can compete. The idea of the history quiz was received so enthusiastically that the subject matter has expanded and now it includes economy, football, the European Union, television itself, movies, health and food. The attractive, multimedia form and the selection of the most important topics makes this show an excellent choice for both public and private TV stations. 


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