End of the World

Koniec Świata

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 40'
  • Genre: PEOPLE
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2015

It is an intimate, creative and immensely visual documentary where a couple of stories weave into one narrative during one night. In a big city, many people are joined in one need. Troubled by loneliness, they want to talk to someone. Some of them call emergency number 112, even if it is not really necessary, others call the radio. This time the subject of the broadcast is the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar. The speaker asks the listeners what it actually means to each one of them. They talk about things that are tragic, painful and sometimes trivial and funny. Their need to be heard, to communicate, to share their experience with someone else is evident and moving. The radio is a motif linking this night’s events so we hear it in the ambulance, in a city’s monitoring centre, where we observe the nightlife of the city presented on dozens of screens. The radio binds the elements of the film together in terms of structure and meaning. It is the source of the most important questions.

  • Awards:
  • 2015 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival – Best Documentary Short
  • 2016 Docudays International Human Rights Film Festival in Kiev – Main prize of Docu/Short Competition
  • 2016 Tirana International Documentary Film Festival – The Best Middle Length Film
  • 2016 Tofifest International Film Festival in Toruń – Golden Angel Award
  • 2017 Venice Film Week – Best Documentary Short Film


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