The Passions of Poland

Polskie Drogi

fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 11 x 85'
  • Genre: WAR
  • Resolution: SD
  • Year: 1976-1977

One of the most popular Polish TV series presenting the portrait of Poles fighting with Germans. The plot revolves around two main characters, an educates cadet Władysław Niwiński, and a wily Leon Kuraś. Based on these two stories, we have a chance to learn about Poland and the Poles in those dark times. The story takes us to big cities such as Warsaw or Cracow but also to small villages where various shades of society are presented together with their bright and dark sides. There are different life stories involved, presenting the clash of cultures, social circles and opinions formed by people who are totally astounded by the events happening around them. We see how people changed, evolved and even adapted under the German terror.


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