Declaration of Immortality

Deklaracja nieśmiertelności

  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 31’
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2010

Piotr “Mad” Korczak is a legend among climbers. He has invented a whole range of techniques of conquering the walls and is a popularizer of climbing as a sport accessible for almost everyone. He has also created numerous climbing routes and promotes safety in the mountains. Piotr “Mad” Korczak, who is also a historian and philosopher, provides viewers with insights on the existential nature of physical activity and overcoming limitations. This is a magnificent and breathtaking picture of human ability to climb over the highest tops and to conquer the most difficult mountains.

  • Awards:
  • 2010 Kraków Film Festival – President of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Award; Prize of Student Jury; Audience Award
  • 2011 Tampere Short Film Festival – Diploma of Merit
  • 2011 Chicago International Film Festival – Silver Hugo Award
  • 2011 Trento Film Festival – Silver Gentian Award
  • 2011 Gdańsk DocFilm Festival – Mention
  • 2011 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Best Documentary Film in the category for film lasting 30 minutes
  • 2011 Opera Prima en Corto in Granada – First Prize
  • 2011 Mountain film Graz – Camera Alpin in Gold
  • 2011 Bolzano Short Film Festival – Special Jury Prize in Global Vision Competition
  • 2011 Bristol Encounters – Best Documentary Film
  • 2012 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival – Best Mountain Sport Film
  • 2012 Hory a Mesto Film Festival in Bratislava – Slovakia – V4 Prix
  • 2012 Mountain Film Festival Domzale – Best Climbing Film
  • 2012 Teplice International Mountaineering Film Festival – Grand Prix
  • 2012 International Festival of the Mountain Films Poprad – Grand Prix


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