• Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 38’
  • Genre: PEOPLE, WAR
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2015

It is a film about the volunteer corps called OUK PS which is a unique military formation. Its mission is to defend the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine and also to restore the temporarily occupied land. From the legal point of few, a formation is a criminal group, even though the volunteers fight shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers of the Ukrainian army against the common enemy. 


Of Animals and Men PEOPLE/HISTORY .

Every zoo aims to protect animal species from extinction. During WWII, the Warsaw Zoo carried out its function in a rebellious manner. Once the war began, the Germans killed some animals and transferred the others to the Third...

The City of Wrath CRIME

A gripping documentary series about the origins and growth of organized crime in Poland. Each episode depicts a crime committed as a result of a feud between warring gangs. The audience may learn about political changes in the...


Zdzisław Beksiński is one of the most recognisable Polish painters of the 20th century. To this day, his surrealist, visionary painting arouses wide interest among audiences and remains an inspiration for successive...