• Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 40’
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2016

A documentary and animated film depicting the short, though eventful history of one of the first private, independent music clubs in free Poland, considered at that time the biggest of its kind in Central-Eastern Europe. Poland was changing beyond recognition during its transition period. Pulled out of the malaise of the 80s and martial law, it opened up to capitalism and day by day Poles began to live increasingly better. Entrepreneurship flourished and new clubs began to appear, where the rock community from the capital and the whole country gathered. This is how the legendary Fugazi was born  a place of meetings, concerts and cultural events. But Fugazi was much more than that  for many it was almost a second home. It is the fans who create the club’s atmosphere, and in this case, it was truly unique. Music was played non-stop, concerts and meetings were held every single day. The club was also known for its amazing decor, which included a 14-metre bar in the shape of a guitar and a bus in the main lobby. Fugazi was open for just under a year, but this was enough time for it to become the most important music venue in Warsaw. It held approximately 150 concerts by nearly 350 performers, including almost all the most famous Polish rock stars at the time such as Kult, Maanam, Acid Drinkers, Armia, Tadeusz Nalepa, Voo Voo and hundreds of others. Leszek Gnoiński’s film combines archival concert footage, interviews with artists, and captivating animations by Marcin Podolec, based on the comic book ‘Fugazi Music Club’ which has been translated and published in seven countries. It’s a 40-minute trip to the crazy days of the early 90s, which was for many people the best time in their lives.


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