Fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 3'-10.30'
  • Genre: MUSIC/ARTS
  • Resolution: SD
  • Year: 2012

It is an animated series created using classical and combined animation inspired by various artists e.g. Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Hans Memling, Marc Chagall and others. The music in the background is of equal status with the animations creating complete pieces of art.


Pablo Picasso – directed by Artur Wrotniewski, 5,30’

Hans Memling. Judgement Day – directed by Kazimierz Urbański, 10’

In the Lascaux cave – directed by Artur Wrotniewski, 5,30’

Marc Chagall – directed by Aniela Lubieniecka, 7,30’

Paul Cezanne – directed by Tomasz Tobolski, 3’

Variations on Vitkacy – directed by Monika Martini-Madej, 6’

Magritte – directed by Hieronim Neumann, 10,30’

Piet Mondarian – directed by Jacek Kasprzycki, 10’

Gustav Klimt – directed by Piotr Muszalski, 7’

Vincent van Gogh – directed by Anna Dudek, 4,50’

Pieter Bruegel. Icarus fall – directed by Jacek Kasprzycki, 4,30’

Joan Miro – directed by Paweł Walicki, 4,30’


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