The Better Half

Lepsza połowa

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It is a family comedy TV series that follows a group of friends. To raise kids, one has to grow up. To understand them, one has to stay young. These are the major dilemmas faced by the main characters, who regularly meet at a local restaurant where they support and help resolve each other’s problems. Each of them is at a different stage in life and with a different background. All of the characters value family relations most but they often have to deal with generation gaps. The focus is on the Nowakowski family; Jola, Marek and their two adolescent children. They are friends with two eccentric couples, who had their ups and downs, and with Marek’s brother Borys, who made a fortune trading coffee but decided to move back to Poland making a brash entrance into the lives of the Nowakowski family.


Everything’s Gonna Be All Right, Darling COMEDY/DRAMA .

The main characters of this series are Justyna and Artur, a young, engaged couple who has been planning a grand wedding. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thwarted their plans. On top of that Artur is stuck in Australia where...


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Agnieszka Osiecka was a poet, a director, a journalist, and a leading figure in the pantheon of great Poles. She authored over 2000 songs, skits and stage works. ‘The poetess of broken colour’, as she was named by Jan Kott,...