Fot. TVP
  • Description
  • Cast and crew
  • Duration: 72'
  • Genre: HISTORY
  • Resolution: HD
  • Year: 2020

In 1970, bloody protests, provoked by a sudden rise in the price of food and everyday products, took place on the coast in northern Poland. This documentary shows those events from the perspective of the oppressors. Events of December 1970 are important for the history of Poland for various reasons. These events, brutally suppressed by the army and the militia, foreshadowed the upcoming changes that resulted from the citizens' dissatisfaction with the economic policy of that time. The focal point of the film are phone calls of politicians and military officers, which took place in the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the decision to use weapons was made. This is from where the events taking place on the coast and in other Polish cities and towns were supervised. The telephone conversations conducted by, among others, Czesław Kiszczak, Bogusław Stachura, Tadeusz Pietrzak, Kazimierz Świtała, Stanisław Kończewicz, Zdzisław Żandarowski, Ryszard Matejewski, and Franciszek Szlachcic, have never before been used in a documentary to show not only the ruthlessness, but also confusion and panic among the politicians, as well as their decision-making process.


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