Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca PEOPLE

It is a story about a forgotten fishing town situated at the entrance to the Havana Harbor. Nelsa, who is a 70-year-old woman paralyzed after a stroke, lives on the first floor of a large apartment house. She shares the lone...

Children Are Calling
Children Are Calling PEOPLE

The documentary shows a story about the 116 111 Helpline for Children and Teens. In a small flat in Warsaw, a group of people pick up about 400 phone calls every day. The problems include a fear of a plane crash, break-up with...

Children of Doomsday Time
Children of Doomsday Time WAR, HOLOCAUST

It is an account of the 23rd International Children of the Holocaust Convention that took place for the first time in Poland in August 2011. The participants of the convention are people who were children during the war and...

Children of Little Prince
Children of Little Prince LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

This documentary shows the world of Special Olympics through the eyes of its participants. The cameraman accompanied them in Athens in 2011.

Chopin. Caribbean Key
Chopin. Caribbean Key ARTS

It is a story about the Antilian history of Chopin's music and the fate of its creators. The music of the greatest Polish composer, Fryderyk Chopin, reached the Caribbean Island of Curaçao in the 19th century. It inspired...

Classic Polish Recipes with a Twist
Classic Polish Recipes with a Twist COOKING

Culinary programs of Karol Okrasa are not only a great source of kitchen inspiration for the viewers, but also an academy of culinary art. They stimulate the viewers to create their own culinary world, encourage them to enjoy...

Classical Music Scene
Classical Music Scene MUSIC

A series of programmes presenting the most renowned young classical musicians, laureates of prestigious domestic and foreign competitions. The young musicians perform classic forms, including cantos, preludes, chorales in their...

Classical Music Videoclips
Classical Music Videoclips MUSIC, ARTS

These are absolutely unique, brilliant and eye-catching clips based on classical music of Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bizet, Debussy and many other famous composers. The videos are made with the use of different...

Courtyard with a View over the Camp
Courtyard with a View over the Camp WAR, HOLOCAUST

The documentary tells the story of a massacre of 15 thousand Jews in a concentration camp in Poniatowa in November 1943. The story is told from the point of view of children raised in houses standing in the place where the camp...

Crazy Love. Putin and The Russians
Crazy Love. Putin and The Russians FACTUAL

The documentary presents the phenomenon of Vladimir Putin in Russia. The man has been immensely popular for the past 15 years despite the collapse of ruble, a rise in prices and recent isolation of Russia in Europe. The more...

Cross and Crown
Cross and Crown HISTORY

It is a docudrama film presenting the long Christianisation path in the era of the first Piast rulers. The film is based on the latest scientific findings, it opens with the baptism scene of Mieszko I and it ends with the...

Dancing With Georgia

Katarzyna Pakosińska, one of the best Polish comedians, is stepping into new shoes. She has become a host of a new travelling programme depicting picturesque Georgia.

Dead Class

In the crucible of Krakow’s Krzysztofory Gallery, where the work premiered, Kantor incites and conducts the psychosis at the core of personal and collective memory.

Deadly Life

A documentary film about priest Jan Kaczkowski, the founder of St Padre Pio Hospice in Puck. The film shows the clash of two opposing worlds, the real and the created one. The real world is the world of the priest Jan, his hard...

Declaration of Immortality
Declaration of Immortality LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

Piotr ‘Mad’ Korczak is a legend among climbers. He has invented a whole range of techniques of conquering the walls and is a popularizer of climbing as a sport accessible for almost everyone. He has also created numerous...

Dog Psychologist
Dog Psychologist LIFESTYLE, NATURE

When a dog is sad, troublesome, aggressive or generally insubordinate there is only one way of dealing with it - consulting a dog psychologist in order to get to the root of the problem.

Double Life of Piotr S.
Double Life of Piotr S. LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

A truly emotional portrait of Piotr Swend, a Down’s syndrome actor, who stars in one of the most popular Polish telenovelas "The Clan".

Dreamers & Geniuses
Dreamers & Geniuses HISTORY/PEOPLE

This is a series of documentary films about inventions that have become an integral part of our lives. Handheld camera, windshield wipers, bulletproof vest, tank periscope, color photography, blood group system, microprocessor...