• TVP license sales - Q1 2020 report

    TVP license sales - Q1 2020 report

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"Sanatorium of Love" nominated to Venice TV Award.

The original format of TVP Polish Public Television "Sanatorium of Love" is among five programs nominated to VTVA in "Reality TV" category. The other productions come from Brazil (two titles), Australia and Canada.

A great start to TVP’s autumn flagship series. "People and Gods" with an audience of 2,6 million!

The premiere episode of "People and Gods" has already gained great popularity at the beginning of the autumn season. The first episode of the series was watched by as many as 2.6 million viewers, with the share of 18.1%*

TVP Polish Public Television films and series conquer Europe

"Faustina", "Zenek", "The Butler", "Wartime Girls", "Bodo" and many other films and series are some of TVP Polish Public Television productions that will be watched by viewers from all over Europe.


Pardon DRAMA

It is a story of parents of a cursed soldier told from a perspective of their 17-year-old grandson Janek. When "Odrowąż" dies in 1946, Department of Security digs up his body four times to make sure that the enemy of the...

The Butler DRAMA/WAR

The film tells the story of a tragic yet reciprocal love of a young German aristocrat to a Polish butler. The social and moral differences are the reason why the feeling, which brought them together, has no chance of existence....

The Whale from Lorino PEOPLE

The film tells the story of people who inhabit one of the most severe and inaccessible spots on Earth, Chukchi Peninsula. The land is located on the northeastern edge of Eurasia, on the Bering and Chukchi Seas, separated by a...

Our Century DRAMA/WAR

It is a story about the fate of the multigenerational Winny family, woven into the dramatic events of the 20th century. The action begins with the outbreak of WWI and ends after one hundred years, in modern times. The series...

Paths to Freedom DRAMA

The action of “Paths to Freedom” centres on the lives of three young sisters who fight for female emancipation. The plot is largely inspired by the memoirs of Polish women from the early twentieth century. The heroines set...


This colourful costume drama is dedicated to the medieval history of Poland. The series portrays country’s glory during the reign of the last king of the Piast dynasty. The script is based on historical facts and enriched...