Our Little Poland
Our Little Poland PEOPLE

Each year twelve young Japanese students decide to sign up for the Polish Language and Culture Studies at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. They still are teenagers, cannot pronounce the word “kiełbasa” and believe that...

Our Professor the Pope
Our Professor the Pope RELIGION

In 1954 priest Karol Wojtyła started 24-year-long tenure at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Lublin, at the Department of Ethics. After his election for the pope, his students hung a banner reading:...

Paintbrushes Instead of Guns
Paintbrushes Instead of Guns PEOPLE, WAR

Five well-known Belarusian artists and a Ukrainian one decided to hold an open-air event in the eastern part of Ukraine, at the very front line. They dedicated it to the memory of all those who had died for the freedom of...

Peryt and His Scores
Peryt and His Scores PEOPLE

This is a story about an outstanding artist – actor and director – Ryszard Peryt. The close and co-workers of Peryt meet to talk about the life and achievements of this great man. The film raises a question – what remains after...


Tragic events that took place in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014 were the background of the story of a special piano, the musical instrument that was supposed to strengthen the barricades of the protesters at Majdan square.

Piłsudski Bronisław: an Exile, an Ethnographer, a Hero
Piłsudski Bronisław: an Exile, an Ethnographer, a Hero PEOPLE/HISTORY

A documentary film about the older brother of Marshal Piłsudski, Bronisław, who was born on 21.10.1866 in Zułów, Lithuania. For his involvement in the attack on the Tsar, he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour on the death...

Poland. Dance Paths
Poland. Dance Paths MUSIC

It is a film about a group of Polish and Swedish musicians (led by Janusz Prusinowski) who met in December 2015 in order to participate in a year-long musical project connecting the two countries. Their work on the new...

Poland’s Independence Atlas
Poland’s Independence Atlas PEOPLE/HISTORY

The film presents the facts and circumstances thanks to which Poland regained independence in 1918, as well as diplomacy activities at the international forum related to the Polish National Committee. Particular emphasis is...

Poles in Berlin
Poles in Berlin PEOPLE

The film presents different generations of Polish expats in Berlin, who describe their life in the capital of Germany. Through this rich and unique portrayal of the city and Polish expats the viewers can take a closer look at...

Polish El Greco
Polish El Greco ARTS, HISTORY

In the 1950s, when inventories of monuments and antiques began in Poland, researchers did not have much experience in this field. Izabella Galicka and Hanna Sygietyńska, researchers from the Art Institute, were assigned to work...

Polish Hotel
Polish Hotel WAR

The documentary reveals a mysterious and almost unknown story from the times of Holocaust, that took place in Warsaw in 1943. The scandal that was thought to be morally ambiguous became known as ‘the Polish Hotel Scandal’. When...

Polmission. Passports’ Secrets
Polmission. Passports’ Secrets WAR/HOLOCAUST

The document tells the story of Polish diplomats and their efforts to save Jews during WWII. The film attempts to unravel the complicated mechanisms behind the activities of Polish diplomacy and intelligence, which,...

Pope John Paul II and His Friend
Pope John Paul II and His Friend RELIGION

The film tells the story of a lifelong friendship between Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, and Jerzy Kluger, a Jewish inhabitant of Wadowice who worked as an engineer and retired in Rome. Jerzy Kluger recalls with awe...

Pope's Tango

Tango runs in my veins. It’s much more than dance, it’s something that comes from my inner self says - Pope Francis. This documentary shows Francis as a person who has not changed much, even though he became a pope. He still...

Priceless Young Man. Unfinished Mission
Priceless Young Man. Unfinished Mission HISTORY

It is the story of the theft of Polish works of art during WWII. The authors present two priceless antiquities lost during the war – Veit Stoss Altarpiece and the Portrait of a Young Man by Rafael Santi’s. Karol Estreicher,...


After many years, Lucille Eichengreen, who is a survivor from the Lodz Ghetto, goes there to visit the same, almost unchanged places, streets and houses. On the walls of the buildings, she can still find inscriptions full of...

Radio Siriri
Radio Siriri FACTUAL

More than half of the children who live in Central African Republic are forced into hard physical labour or into joining the army. For almost a decade the country was ravaged by armed conflicts and is now one of the poorest in...

Real Pigs

A docu-crime series about everyday duties of policemen. Troublemakers, pickpockets, criminals, thieves, dossers – they all call them pigs and such ‘pigs’ are the heroes of the series.