Deadly Life

A documentary film about priest Jan Kaczkowski, the founder of St Padre Pio Hospice in Puck. The film shows the clash of two opposing worlds, the real and the created one. The real world is the world of the priest Jan, his hard...

Declaration of Immortality
Declaration of Immortality LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

Piotr ‘Mad’ Korczak is a legend among climbers. He has invented a whole range of techniques of conquering the walls and is a popularizer of climbing as a sport accessible for almost everyone. He has also created numerous...

Dog Psychologist
Dog Psychologist LIFESTYLE, NATURE

When a dog is sad, troublesome, aggressive or generally insubordinate there is only one way of dealing with it - consulting a dog psychologist in order to get to the root of the problem.

Don't Let Me Go
Don't Let Me Go PEOPLE

Suicide is a growing social problem. At the same time, it is a taboo people would rather not talk about. The film Don’t Let Me Go tells stories of five people who have attempted suicide or whose loved ones wanted to take their...

Double Life of Piotr S.
Double Life of Piotr S. LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

A truly emotional portrait of Piotr Swend, a Down’s syndrome actor, who stars in one of the most popular Polish telenovelas "The Clan".

Dreamers & Geniuses
Dreamers & Geniuses HISTORY/PEOPLE

This is a series of documentary films about inventions that have become an integral part of our lives. Handheld camera, windshield wipers, bulletproof vest, tank periscope, color photography, blood group system, microprocessor...

Eight Percent
Eight Percent FACTUAL

The director of the 1980s generation leaves Poland for South Africa to examine the reality of his peers. He becomes one of the heroes of the film. He wants to know what changes South Africa's world has experienced 25 years...

Electro_sonda MUSIC

It is a music film crossing the borders of classic genres, and contributing new value and quality both in film and music language. The movie tells the story of a young boy who, thanks to the VR glasses, is moved to the...

End of the World
End of the World PEOPLE

It is an intimate, creative and immensely visual documentary where a couple of stories weave into one narrative during one night. In a big city, many people are joined in one need. Troubled by loneliness, they want to talk to...

Entangled FACTUAL

In case of pedophilia, the definition of the perpetrator and the victim is clear. This clarity might become ambiguous in one of these rare situations, in which the victim tries to pay back the aggressor. The main character was...

Escapes Through Barbed Wire
Escapes Through Barbed Wire WAR, HOLOCAUST

Acts of great bravado and sophisticated calculations in situations of extreme physical and mental exhaustion. The resistance movement acting in the conditions of total incapacitation, under constant surveillance and threat to...

Estonia. A Shared Motherland
Estonia. A Shared Motherland FACTUAL

Estonia, a tiny country squeezed in between Russia and Scandinavia, for many decades it was forcefully incorporated into the Soviet Union as one of its republics. The Russian government implemented the policy of Russification,...

Eugenics – In the Name of Progress
Eugenics – In the Name of Progress SCIENCE, HISTORY

This documentary is a historical exploration of the scientific ideas of the genetic improvement of mankind. Such projects were conceived and designed in the USA a century ago and later continued and developed in the Nazi...

Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski
Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski PEOPLE/HISTORY

Probably there has been no other such outstanding politician and economic activist in the Polish history, with so many merits for the development of the country than Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski. This forgotten hero was a great...

Everything is possible
Everything is possible PEOPLE

“The essence of travelling is waiting for what will happen next. It is adrenaline, surprise and amazement. I don’t have any duties, I am free. I wish I could get to know people from all over the world” – these are words of...

Extreme Passion

An exciting series for those who like to feel adrenaline rush. Each episode shows an adrenaline junkie who loves extreme sports. The authors of the series present experienced, internationally recognized competitors. The...

Falcons of Freedom
Falcons of Freedom WAR/PEOPLE

Anthony Adamsky, a 28-year-old American of Polish origin, an antiques dealer by profession, and a historian and genealogist by passion, discovers one day in a family photo album a photograph of his great-grandfather John...

Fall in Love with Poland
Fall in Love with Poland TRAVELLING

A travel show popularizing knowledge about Poland. The presenter visits interesting places in many parts of the country. He wanders not only along the routes visited by crowds, but also reaches places that only few know about....