Argentinian Lesson
Argentinian Lesson LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

Set in the remote Argentinian town of Azara, this personal documentary by Wojciech Staroń features his seven-year-old son Janek. While the Polish director’s wife teaches locals of Polish origin the language of their...

Autor Solaris

The documentary tells the story of Lem’s life: the story of his books translated into a number of languages and how some of his works were turned into films or even computer games. The writer is considered to be a great...

Bandmasters MUSIC

It is a music movie, which is a cross-sectional portrait of the traditional and folk music society. The project is based on short feature video clips with participation of such bands as: Chłopcy Kontra Basia, Kapela Ze Wsi...

Barefoot Around The World
Barefoot Around The World TRAVELLING

This series has been extremely popular among Polish viewers since it shows the most amazing places on Earth from the perspective of their inhabitants. What is more, some of the places have never been visited with camera before....

Beloved Old Offenders
Beloved Old Offenders LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

The main characters of this documentary are free women engaged in relationship with recidivists. They love the prisoners, miss them, write letters to them, visit them, want to have kids and marry them even though they realize...


The documentary tells a story of Betar, which is a totally unknown Jewish youth organisation operating since the mid 20s until the WWII both in Poland and all around the world. The organisation played an important role in the...


It is a series of documentary films dedicated to the culture-forming role of prefabricated buildings. A big house estate is a joint experience for the entire Polish society. Blocks are frequently associated with social...

Brodzik in the Kitchen
Brodzik in the Kitchen COOKING

Joanna Brodzik is one of the most popular Polish actresses. As a host of this new programme about cooking she proves that she is a brilliant cook too.

Brother, Friend, Pope
Brother, Friend, Pope PEOPLE, RELIGION

What kind of a person is Benedict XVI? What does he like? What is he interested in? What kind of friends does he have? In the movie we get to know his friends, cousins and learn about his military service. Pope’s brother Georg...

Brothers PEOPLE

Two brothers who managed to escape Soviet work camp, are unable to escape from each other. At the same time they love and hate each other. One of them is an artist, the other one is pragmatic scientist.

Butterfly Child Effect
Butterfly Child Effect PEOPLE

A 7-year-old Zuzia, her parents, and her sister seem to be a normal, happy family. But from the moment Zuzia was born, she has been suffering from one of the most diabolical, rare genetic diseases known to man as E.B....

By Stanley for Stanley
By Stanley for Stanley PEOPLE

A powerful film about the power of friendship and the joy of life. Two main characters, besides being in a different age, are both disabled. Staś is a little child and Stanisław is a mature man. Stanisław is an artists, whose...

Call me Marianna
Call me Marianna PEOPLE

It is a documentary about an attractive 40-year-old woman who used to be a man. It is not a classic story of a transsexual, but rather a journey into the struggle with loneliness and fight for acceptance from family, friends...

Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca PEOPLE

It is a story about a forgotten fishing town situated at the entrance to the Havana Harbor. Nelsa, who is a 70-year-old woman paralyzed after a stroke, lives on the first floor of a large apartment house. She shares the lone...

Children Are Calling
Children Are Calling PEOPLE

The documentary shows a story about the 116 111 Helpline for Children and Teens. In a small flat in Warsaw, a group of people pick up about 400 phone calls every day. The problems include a fear of a plane crash, break-up with...

Children of Doomsday Time
Children of Doomsday Time WAR, HOLOCAUST

It is an account of the 23rd International Children of the Holocaust Convention that took place for the first time in Poland in August 2011. The participants of the convention are people who were children during the war and...

Children of Little Prince
Children of Little Prince LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

This documentary shows the world of Special Olympics through the eyes of its participants. The cameraman accompanied them in Athens in 2011.

Classic Polish Recipes with a Twist
Classic Polish Recipes with a Twist COOKING

Culinary programs of Karol Okrasa are not only a great source of kitchen inspiration for the viewers, but also an academy of culinary art. They stimulate the viewers to create their own culinary world, encourage them to enjoy...